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Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes

Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes

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For me photography it's all about life, capturing emotions and unique moments. And what 's there better for it then a wedding? I photograph weddings in the exact same way I work on stories for newspapers and magazines. Focus on the high tension points and details that together will create the narrative of the day. All with a very candid approach. For me wedding photography is just another way of telling stories. A happy way. Filled with light and shadows, meaningful gestures, wide smiles. My style combines photojournalism and portrait. Clean and beautiful. 
I live in the city where I was born, Lisboa, Portugal. From up north Douro or sunny Algarve or Alentejo down south, I can document your day, forever. And off course, I love travel, so if you need me anywhere in the world, just send me the ticket.
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