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Julia Ufimzeff Photography
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Based In: Kelowna
Phone: (250) 317-1588
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Julia Ufimzeff
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About Julia Ufimzeff:
Each wedding is unique and personal to you as a couple, and the authentic moments are what intrigue me to create images that you will look back on and feel exactly what you felt at that moment in time. 
My goal as a photojournalist and storyteller is to get to know you better throughout the day so that you feel relaxed and can let your guard down - allowing me to create images that display real smiles, real expressions and real emotions. 
My intention going into a wedding is to document your story as it happens, so when you look back at your photographs, you'll relive these moments just as you lived them on your wedding day. 
Everybody has a story...let me tell yours.


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