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Jaan Sokk
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About Jaan Sokk:
What makes you remember the day? 
Tears of joy, fairy-tale-quality light and the people you love. 
What makes the world turn for us? 
The time we spend getting to know you, your people, your dreams, being there for you. And the sincere thank-you we get from you after the wedding. That. Is everything. 
One of those thank-you's by Pia & Joakim from Sweden: 
"Jaan & Sigrid gave us memories not only on our wedding day but during the days they were with us before the wedding and that day when we first met them. This is one genuine couple that can capture the magic that you know is there but you never thought would transfer into a photo...If I did not know better I would say they are magicians rather than photographers." 
Another one by Rob & Irja from Monaco: 
Our day wouldn't have been the same without them, and we are are very glad they were there with us. 
Could you be our couple?
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
We are a team of 2 - Jaan and Sigrid, located in southern Estonia, in the slow-going university town of Tartu. 
We usually work out the travel together with the couple, but we are by no means picky about it. 
As glamorous as it may sound, travelling every other weekend of the year is not for us, we like to spend our time with our kids. Which is why a wedding is always a little adventure to wait for.
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