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Based In: Sicily
Phone: 3494461724
Pricing: $$
Awards Last 3 Years: 3
Lifetime Awards: 3
Antonino Gitto
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About Antonino Gitto:
My shooting style and work have a photojournalistic approach. The evolution of a reportage, with a more sophisticated and artistic idea generating the most evocative and spectacular art. This type of photography is not inclined to portray subjects or static situations; instead, it wants to describe a marriage, through a series of images that characterize a strong and explicit side of the character of the couple and its guests. Thinking "outside the box" photos I reinforce the message I want to communicate, and it is not only about not posed portraits. It is telling a story with a limited but significant sequence of images, since a reportage wedding photography can capture both a party with many guests, long balls and funny moments and a more quiet and romantic ceremony. Personally I love the preparation time of a couple at home before the wedding ceremony, such as the makeup or "dressing". This is where you will perceive the real essence of the day. Tension, smiles and very often tears reveal the feelings of the couple and their loved ones. All these emotions will be reflected into a real photographic journey that will retain its lifeblood in time.


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