Alexandre Mayeur

Alexandre Mayeur
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Based In: Minneapolis/St. Paul
Phone: +5072714248
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Alexandre Mayeur
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About Alexandre Mayeur:
"I believe that important moments need very good photographs to make those memories last forever. I believe that the best pictures are authentic, sometimes unconventional and always caught on the sight. They are full of emotions and complicity between people. I give the highest importance to the bride and groom, but also to the guests, family, grandparents, kids and, of course, to all friends. 
Laugh, smile, tears, I will catch every single moment, with discretion and by making people feel at ease. 
I also consider that a genuine interaction with the bride and groom is the keystone of making coverage profound. For this reason, I always offer a first consultation and an engagement session. It is the best way for us to know each other. 
I feel blessed each time I work with people who share the same state of mind as me, artistic people who do care about photography. I love sharing this special day with the bride and groom, making jokes and distress them all along the day. Besides candid photos, I also love, as my guilty pleasure, creating some artistic pictures that will astonish the bride and groom. Moreover, I will be proud to show them in my portfolio. 
So if you are going to be married soon and you are looking for a photographer, I invite you to learn more about my work on my website and contact me for a first rendez-vous."
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I'm located, in Rochester Minnesota, I move everywhere in Minnesota and Beyond. Depending the location, fee could apply.
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