Anastasios Aggelou

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Based In: Greece
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Anastasios Aggelou
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About Anastasios Aggelou:
The thing I love about the camera is that it is a witness to our lives. It remembers the little things, long after our mind has forgotten everything. And it captures the finest human emotions even when we do not perceive we are feeling them. In this sense, photography is the most accurate diary of our existence. All the photographer has to do is be subtle enough to let it manifest... and know the right moment to click. 
This is the philosophy I bring in my portraits and couples / wedding photography. I' m passionate about exploring the dynamic of a person's character or the chemistry between a couple in love; and I'm devoted to allowing them the space to express their personality while choosing different techniques accordingly (photojournalism, fine art photography, editorial photography), to give them original photographs, out of the ordinary photographs, equal to the moment they have decided to share with me.


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