Anthony Argentieri

Anthony Argentieri
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Based In: Central Italy
Phone: +39 3290938687
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Anthony Argentieri
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About Anthony Argentieri:
I am a wedding photographer. 
I take picture of love. 
Born in the tuscan seaside, I now live in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance.  
My goal is to show the love, the simple emotion of a day where two people become one. 
I love people, in the same way that I love travel, eat and stay in the middle of the nature. 
The photography was for me a love at first sight; YES ... just like that, as when we were child and we fell in love in a while of an object that we didn’t want either lose or give up.  
I believe in life, I believe in love, I believe in the emotions, I believe in my job, I believe in quality but not in quantity. 
That's me.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I'm located in Italy, but I work in all the world. The travel fee change depending on the location of the wedding.
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