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Eliska Fischerova

Eliska Fischerova

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There are few things you might want to know before you hire me to photograph your wedding day. I am a wedding lover... I am emotional and like to translate emotions into my photography... I am perfectionist... 
My work is one big and lifelong passion. For that reason you can be assured that if you hire me for your big day, I will work for 200% and I will put all this passion and my heart into the photography. 
What I love to do is to travel. The biggest success for me is when I can travel thousand (and more :-) miles to catch the perfect wedding day. It´s so inspirational and motivating to feel and explore other cultures and their habits! So if you love my pictures, don´t be worried about my home base being Prague and contact me! I will follow you till the end of the world!
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