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Israel Arredondo

Israel Arredondo

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Father of three beautiful children: Israel, Elizz and Ilse. Husband of an incredible and beautiful woman, Irma Gutierrez. 
I consider myself as a simple, honest and very perfectionist human being. I am sentimental and always passionate in everything that I do. I like to be an observer and get to know people. As a commercial aviation pilot, I flew some airplanes and helicopters. Up in the air I could appreciate the greatness of life, so then I decided to bring that emotion to my pictures. 
My wife Irma Gutiérrez and I, are passionately dedicated 100% to weddings. Irma, as professional makeup artist with more than 12 years of experience in airbrush makeup and myself, as editorial and documentary wedding photographer; I love life's simple things and because of this, I like to capture the moments that will never come back... 
I see life with a simple word... FREEDOM
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