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Vali Matei

Bucharest, Romania
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Vali Matei

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Hi, I'm Vali Matei! 
I like to think about myself, that I'm a lucky guy. And that's because even though being economist at the base, I've come to do what I really like and transform my passion for photography into a day to day living. After 10 years spent in a company, telecom industry, I decided some time ago, that it was about time to make a change in my life and start taking care of what was just a weekend passion at that time. So, I become a wedding storyteller! And that's because I like to document a wedding exactly as it really was, without altering any kind of feeling expressed on such a special day. My photos are and will always be natural, energetic, funny, special, looking to capture people's expressions, gestures feelings and emotions. 
So, if one day, at a corner of the street, sat at table, you will see a bearded man with yellow shoes and a colorful shirt, eating a dessert or enjoying a red wine and a cigar, you can to sit down with confidence, I would like to know each other story.
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