Aamie Gillam-Spurrell

Aamie Gillam Photography
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Based In: Newfoundland and Labrador
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Aamie Gillam-Spurrell
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About Aamie Gillam-Spurrell:
Aamie Gillam-Spurrell is the owner of Aamie Gillam Photography. A full time Wedding Photography and Portrait Studio located in Newfoundland, Canada. For nearly 10 years couples have been trusting Aamie to capture the essence of their love and life through her style. The AGP brand is known for it's high energy and fun approach to wedding photography with a touch of risk taking to capture those awesome, memorable photographs. Creating captured moments is one thing, but Aamie prefers to capture them creatively. Aamie also educates aspiring beginner photographers with her own AGP Photography Course. Her current favourite place to photograph; Jamaica.


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