Megan Ellis Dzielak

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Based In: Florida Keys
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Megan Ellis Dzielak
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About Megan Ellis Dzielak:
I'm Megan - I am a travel-obsessed, book-loving, wine-and-hot-tea-drinking, nomadic photographer. I am currently based out of Key West, Florida, but I shoot frequently in East Tennessee (home sweet home) and Costa Rica (where my heart is). My husband is also my best friend who humors me with my crazy ideas and non-stop wanderlust. My inspiration is found in other adventurous people (and couples!) who love culture, travel and exploring as much as me. My work is organic and real; focusing on the couple, the emotion, and the true essence of the day. I take great effort to get to know my clients and their photography expectations before the wedding, enabling me to really create art that is personal, fun and unique.


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