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Based In: Vancouver
Phone: 6047235312
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Caroline Ross
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About Caroline Ross:
Caroline Ross Photography is an award winning and internationally published studio. Originally from central Canada, Caroline Ross Photography relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia, after spending a few years shooting in the Caribbean. This studio has a unique mixture of classic portraiture and photojournalism, capturing the events as the day unfolds and using beautiful editorial-style poses when needed. 
Caroline studied at Laurentian University for her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Cambrian College for Graphic Design and Digital Art. Caroline's history as an Art Director, Museum Curator and Graphic Designer has given her the unique skills to take charge on the wedding day and give lots of direction when needed. 
From Caroline: I pride myself on my no-nonsense attitude which is necessary when dealing with large groups of people. I learned at my first wedding that you have to be very loud in order to be heard, and always give direction. I think posed photography is beautiful when done correctly and photojournalism lends a unique angle to the wedding day.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I am located in Vancouver, Canada and St Maarten in the Caribbean. I do charge a travel fee for the areas not in my locations, but would be willing to compromise if it's an area on my bucket list.
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