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Louise Lodigensky

Louise Lodigensky

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M&E Photo Studio was created as a collaborative space to specialize in creative wedding storytelling and natural portraiture. Through our images, we let the stories tell themselves, always aiming for powerfully emotional, revealing, and contextually narrative portraiture. An emphasis on subtleties of relationships is what intrigues us, and keeps us thrilled and endlessly excited about the work that we do and the people we meet. Our delight in personalities and unconventional perspectives imbues our work with an element of humor, magic, and the unexpected. 
In 2010, as good friends, we founded M&E Photo Studio as a creative partnership. In the years since, we have expanded our studio to include a team of talented collaborators and like-minded allies, expanding the vision of M&E and furthering our ability to provide fresh, fun, timeless, funky, and just plain awesome photography to our clients.
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