Steven Buri

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Based In: Minneapolis/St. Paul
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Steven Buri
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About Steven Buri:
Being a fearless photographer means to me, to overcome the fear of shooting something potentially great that's not easy. Losing the fear of failing. Losing the fear of being close. Losing the fear of looking silly. Losing the fear by stepping outside of the comfort box and to just go for it. The reward is a photo that is fresh, unexpected and interesting. 
I'm a wedding photographer because there is no lid on how far you can push yourself as an artist. Every wedding is a new challenge and a new possibility to become better than the last time. It allows me to see places, people and to tell stories. 
I was born in Capetown, South Africa with french & dutch roots and grew up in Switzerland amongst cows and banks. I was an interior designer for a long time and I love IPA's, a good tv show and music (anything from Neil Young, Pearl Jam to Beck) I used to be a musician and played the guitar fearlessly on many stages. 
I look forward meeting you!
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
River Falls, Wisconsin. Border to MN. I work in Minneapolis and Eau Claire WI and anywhere in-between mostly. I also photograph in Switzerland. 
Travel to the Twin Cities as well as Eau Claire is included in the collections.
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