Chris Witzgall

Based In: Annapolis
Phone: 252-259-6012
Average Price: $$$$
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Chris Witzgall
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About Chris Witzgall:
I am a documentary wedding photographer based in Annapolis and Queenstown, MD. My goal as a wedding photographer is to tell a story, your story, as it unfolds. I also bring years of artistic experience to do this in a way that makes for beautiful photographs. Years back I interned at the Annapolis Capital newspaper, and afterwards became a yachting photographer. This experience, working in some of the most challenging conditions. taught me so much about lighting, patience, and above all, how to pre-visualize images and then achieve them!
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I am located in Annapolis and Queenstown, MD. I do not charge for travel to all of Maryland, Delaware, DC and Northern VA.
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