Kelly Rehnberg

Based In: Central Illinois
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Kelly Rehnberg
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About Kelly Rehnberg:
Bold. Dramatic. Candid. 
I am your typical right-brained artist with an eclectic soul, night-owl tendencies, and the ongoing drive to create something beautiful. My sense of humor and coffee addiction are the two things that have always kept me moving through this busy life of mine. I love weddings, my awesome clients and challenging myself to create something epic every time my camera is in my hand. I am a huge fan of color/contrast and I'm known for vibrant sunset shots and bold statement images . . . but . . . there's nothing quite like the perfect candid moment in black & white. Over the past year, I've really studied on how to properly tell someone's wedding story through print. I'm a firm believer in providing beautiful wedding albums for my clients and wall-art pieces for the home. Photography is truly what makes my heart sing and I believe it's obvious in the imagery I create.


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