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Angelita Esparar
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About Angelita Esparar:
I believe it's important to have fun on your wedding day, but also to remember that the primary reason is to unite with your significant other. I'm very easy going, but I also am direct with instructions. I also LOVE to laugh and smile. A LOT. Sometimes I might crack a weird joke to make my couples laugh. 
What sets me apart from other photographers, is the variety of styles I provide in your gallery. I LOVE natural light, I LOVE creative light, and I LOVE evening shots--I mean, they're all awesome, why go home with just one? When the opportunity arises, I will take that shot. 
The process is easy. Throughout the entire process I will hope to educate you for the best possibilities. I am very open to questions. I'll guide you through , as well as assist you with a custom minute-to-minute timeline. 
First things first, contact me for my availability. I'd be happy to sit down and chat about your wedding!
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I am located in Jacksonville, FL. I do have a separate price list for weddings outside of my hometown.
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