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Cary Edmondson

Fresno, CA
Cary Edmondson

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Each wedding is unique. It's true that they share similar timelines on paper, but every set of wedding vows or first dances I've ever photographed comes with a different story behind them. My goal on your wedding day is to create artistic images as a photojournalist, whether that's by capturing the stories that are out in the open, or behind the scenes, I enjoy it all. At the end of the day it's really your story and I just want to capture it in the best light possible. 
I specialize in candid photography. For a number of years I worked as a staff photographer for several newspapers and loved capturing the moments of everyday life. That being said, I've also developed my portrait skills over the years and try to set aside one block of time at each wedding to capture some creative portraits. When your wedding is taking place I make sure to stay out of your way so that your story can unfold without any distractions and when it's time for the portrait session I'll jump in and take control of the scene to get everything done in a timely manner with the most creative shots possible.
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