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Nicolas Amaro

Nicolas Amaro

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Weddings are a unique modern ritual, where people sometimes goes a bit beyond themselves, moved by intense happiness. I enjoy to be able to portray this effect on people, i might even have the chance to tell them something new about themselves through images. As a travel and landscape lover, i put my experience in making deep photos for the ones that had trust me the memories of such a big day. I prefer to work from close, as a hole person, conscious that is not just photography what i´m doing that day, so i expect that this reflects in the result. It´s a unique experience, since i work for a unique couple, so i aim to give unique results each time.

How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you photographed as the main photographer?

6 years. I have photograph something around 200 weddings.

Describe your "style" of wedding photography.

I prefer laughter than kissing. Spontaneous goes before posing for me. I´m after lifting the beauty of the quotidian,rather than spectacular photoshoots.. About general styles i would describe my work as a documental point of view, with elements from street photography. If there were 3 main elements for a good wedding photo, first would be the moment captured, second would be the context of the situation, and third would be composition.

Do you have a studio where we can meet? Do you use Skype?

Let´s Skype!

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