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We are Alisa & Mikel a natural born adventurer and dream chaser couple devoted to films, music and of course photography. We are deeply passionate about the work we do and it is strongly influenced by both our Spanish and Romanian roots. 
We have five years of experience in Spain and we have been shooting weddings in the Great White North for a year and a half. We are more than just photographers, we are storytellers by nature and we always strive to make each and every one of our pictures to hold a story, even if it is a laugh after a really bad joke. 
Our style drifts between documentary and fine art photography, there are times when we just capture things as they are as well as some others when we set the atmosphere for spontaneous and genuine moments between the couple. 
Adventure is what best define us, we embrace the risk and we don't take anything for granted, ever, even if the view is still the same every time it will be as striking as the first day to us. We love the ferocity of nature as much as the comfort and intimacy of our home and we gracefully make our way through the chaos of the big cities. We like to meet new people and to be enriched by their knowledge and their perspectives.  
Come join us, be our companion in this bizarre trip we call life!

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