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Tonio Lombardi

Tonio Lombardi

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Weddings are like a roller coaster ride. Documenting the beautiful lows of those moments of anxiety to the highs of those moments of excitement is a thrill for me. I feel blessed I can do this for a living, together with my wife. 
I come from the world of fashion, that's how I learnt photography and the skill of making use of whatever is at hand to shoot photographs that stand out. Over the years I grew more and more interested in photojournalism and the power of telling meaningful stories with photographs and gradually, my goals developed into striving to perfect this craft.  
I like motorcycles, patterned tiles and sipping cold beers by the sea with friends. I believe in balance, it's key to everything I do.

Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?

I am located on the sunny island of Malta. I love to travel so get in touch if you're getting married outside Malta.

How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you photographed as the main photographer?

10 years.

Describe your "style" of wedding photography.

Journalistic, fine art, sometimes moody, sometimes fun. I consider each wedding as a bit of an experiment.

Do you have a studio where we can meet? Do you use Skype?

My studio is located in Mosta, Malta. Yes we can skype.

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