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Yuri Uemura

Tokyo, Japan
Yuri Uemura

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People say my photography is elegant, peaceful, intimate and everything I capture become special moments. Probably I developed my style while I was taking photos just for the people I love and myself a long time before studied reportage and studio photography at school. I also have a background in design, art and have a masters degree in sensibility science, practice Japanese tea-ceremony and yoga. They help me to be grounded, detailed and be able to create simple and strong images. 
Using medium format DSLR allows me to deliver the photos with rich gradation and feelings of solidity. I also use analog cameras to keep myself to be playful and creative. Shooting with a 4x5 view camera and silver-gelatin prints options can be added upon request. 
Wedding photography became one of the best ways to serve others for me. I'd travel anywhere.

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Candid, natural lifestyle

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Shiori + Hide
June 23, 2018