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I capture candid gesture and emotion with an easygoing, straight-shooting, funny, yet reassuring attitude. You might like my pictures, but if you also like salt, wearing flip flops, animals, laughing and being true to yourself then you might just like me too. I only shoot awesome people, but luckily, only awesome people seem to find me.

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When I first met Michelle and she described herself as a "photography ninja", I assumed she meant the typical discreet, non-intrusive approach. And I honestly didn't value this much because, from experience with multiple friend and family weddings, every photographer says this and every photographer has still been noticeable. Michelle, however, is different. It wasn't until we received our wedding album that we realized capacity of her ninja-skills. From the heart of the dance floor, Michelle captured the most iconic moments - tie in the teeth limbo, a dirty dancing lift, a new definition Read More given to Shout!'s "a little bit lower now". Not only this, she captured the overall atmosphere in the room - the joy on our friends faces, the love shared amongst our families, and the unmatched excitement of ringing in the new year with the most important people in our lives.

While Michelle prides herself on these ninja-like characteristics, I would say her super power is simply her ability to tell your story. She won't just take a pretty picture of you, your sentimental items or reception decor, or even your guests. She collects moments. Every photo has a moment, a meaning, a story behind it. And when they are strung together in her beautifully hand crafted album, these photos allow you to relive each moment with the same joy, laughter, excitement, and love as you felt on that special day!
Working with Michelle was both fun and no BS. How?? She is a fun and lighthearted person, but also takes her work very seriously. We met with her a few times virtually before the day, partially because of Covid, and partially because we live in San Francisco and our wedding was in New Jersey. Michelle was responsive and flexible and answered all of our questions. We didn't have a wedding planner and Michelle provided invaluable insight on how quickly/slowly things tend to go on a wedding day. She helped us set the schedule for the day.

The photos from our wedding day are fantastic. Read More She captures moments you didn't even know exist. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!
We are so glad that we chose to work with Michelle on our wedding day. Her relaxed attitude, flexibility and calm composure was exactly the vibe we needed for our day. Her professionalism is unmatched and her extensive experience was super helpful in navigating all the pre-wedding logistical planning (and we had a LOT of logistics to consider!). There are really no words to describe how happy we are with our photos and wedding album - they are perfect. She had us hooked just days after the wedding with her Instagram teasers and blog post - we couldn't wait to get our hands on all of them, and Read More her turnaround time was even quicker than we expected! She was able to capture all of our special moments (despite some heavy photog restrictions in our church), had a ton of patience with my large family portrait requests (even though I had no patience left!) and got some amazing candids of our guests (even after some of them crashed into her post-limbo on the dance floor). Michelle, again, thank you so much!!

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