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Matt Pantling
Fearless since 2020

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Hey! I'm Matt, and I'm the photographer behind Blue Sky Weddings. So happy you're here. 
Personally, I've been a full-time Destination Wedding photographer now for over 23 years (that's pretty bananas), I live and work between Xlendi and Vienna after having also lived and worked in Brighton (UK) and Cape Town (SA) 
I'm married to my sweetheart and I love capturing love and life stories around the world. And now, it's all about having an awesome time with awesome couples like you! I'm excited you're here and I'm excited to hear from you! 
I have photographed a lot of people in 23+ years. I have a fashion and portraiture background, and I am an experienced photojournalist and press photographer, having photographed 1000's of events all over the world.  
I've taken more than four million professional photographs (still counting) and have truly dedicated my working life to being the best I can be for my clients.

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