Photography by Karoline Saadi
Birth is a moment of surrender to the unexpected. And it is also the encounter with the beauty present in chaos. 
Accept the events and understand that this is the story assigned to be born. 
Resignify processes. Getting in touch with our intimate and embracing what life has offered us. 
There are many teachings in one day that is awaited for months, many months. We also need to learn that the plans made are a guide to the journey and not the final destination. 
And that's Serena's birthday. Who decided that as much as plans had been drawn up for a home birth, she told us that for her, the right place was in an operating room, by way of a necessary surgery. 
Serena was born to the sound of Heroes, by David Bowie. One of her mother's favorite songs. It was not placed on purpose. But I wish her parents always remember that "We can be Heroes, just for one day" 
March 2023