A Beautiful Summer Afternoon

Photography by Sabine Doppelhofer
You don't need special occasions to capture memories. Because your life is beautiful - You are. And it's worth capturing. Just like this half day in the life of this wonderful family, with lots of action, fun with confetti, at the pool and in the trampoline.  
How does it work? Simple and easy, I visit you like a friend, you just do what you always do without cleaning up first or anything and I follow you with my camera.  
Imagine what value the pictures will have for you in 10, 20 or more years, because at the end of the day, the memories are the only thing that will remain. Memories fade with time unfortunately, so let me capture yours forever.  
To protect the children I only show Faceless photos online, but of course I love to take a lot of photos with faces, but these are for you only.  
March 2023