Emery Jean Piston | May 22-25, 2021

Photography by Jason Vinson
I’ve had the pleasure of using my camera to tell many stories. Most are about love -- love of families coming together in marriage or the love of families as they live their everyday lives or celebrate milestones. The moments in our lives that we KNOW we want to remember forever.  
But there are always two sides to every coin and where there is love there is loss. It’s in loss that we see the true power of love. The power of family and friendship. And these hard and painful times may have more everlasting effects on who we become than the happy carefree days. So although it is truly difficult to document someone as they experience pain and loss, I’m thankful when people chose to remember the difficult moments. Because in remembering the sadness, it makes the love feel that much more special.  
November 2022