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My photographic journey began when my first child (read: princess) entered the world in 2017. 
During my wife's pregnancy, I remember thinking to myself, "I'm literally dedicating every free minute I'll ever have to raising future children, so why not use all that time already invested in them to document their development and upbringing? After all, I'll be there the whole time anyhow, and this way future children can see how they were raised through the eyes of their parent." 
Before my daughter's birth, I knew I wanted to approach documenting her life in a unique way. I specifically envisioned capturing childhood and her development through what I later learned was from a reportage, photojournalism and documentary perspective (through more of a 'fine art' lens) in which I captured the 'real' - the honest moments, the quiet moments, the mundane moments, happy moments and, yes, even the challenging moments. 
More specifically, I am a dedicated black & white photographer to really emphasize and draw attention to moments without the presence of color. 
It is important to me to catalog those everyday experiences and a child's growing curiosity with the world. That's what got my gears going and turned me on, and that's what I've pursued ever since.