Resources for Family Photographers

Here are some recommendations by the Fearless Photographers community for continued learning and improvement. Please click on each link or photo for more information.

Documentary Family Awards

"We provide a platform to celebrate the very best modern documentary family photography from around the world, while also nurturing and supporting its growth through open online educational events. We work to create the most transparent judging process by streaming the final round of judging for anyone to watch, providing a unique opportunity for everyone involved to learn how to make better photographs.

We hope you will join us in creating not just another photography award, but rather an inspired initiative that celebrates this growing genre of photography we all love."

Documentary Family Photographers

"DFP connects families and photographers all over the world and transforms perspectives through documentary family photography. DFP provides community, inspiration and business guidance in a fun, friendly and familiar environment inclusive for everybody seriously interested in documentary family photography."

Click Photo School

"Whether you're new to photography or a working pro, whether you want to learn at your own pace or alongside an instructor - we have a class that's right for you."

Anna Hardy Education

"Education for big-hearted photographers. Simple, accessible practical tools for your business."

Megan DiPiero Coaching

"It turns out that running a successful photography business has less to do with photography and more to do with mastering pricing, sales, and marketing. Megan has cracked the code. She has the experience and systems photographers need to turn things around quickly and start making money that matters.

We set photographers up for success-through coaching and community-to build thriving businesses in any market!"
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