What if it rains on our wedding day?

You play, you laugh, you dance, you love, you get married, you take great photographs....
Valdur Rosenvald (Tartu, Estonia) Photo by Valdur Rosenvald (Tartu, Estonia)
Jenny Wohrle (Seattle, WA) Photo by Jenny Wohrle (Seattle, WA)
Christina Craft (Vancouver Island, BC) Photo by Christina Craft (Vancouver Island, BC)
Jacklyn Greenberg (New Haven, CT) Photo by Jacklyn Greenberg (New Haven, CT)
Todd Laffler (Central New Jersey) Photo by Todd Laffler (Central New Jersey)
Liam Shaw (North East England) Photo by Liam Shaw (North East England)
Emin Kuliyev (New York, NY) Photo by Emin Kuliyev (New York, NY)
Kevin Sawyer (Lake Tahoe, CA) Photo by Kevin Sawyer (Lake Tahoe, CA)
Irina Groza (Bucharest, Romania) Photo by Irina Groza (Bucharest, Romania)
Horia Calaceanu (Vienna, Austria) Photo by Horia Calaceanu (Vienna, Austria)
Erika Mann (Canmore, AB) Photo by Erika Mann (Canmore, AB)
Trent Gillespie (Denver, CO) Photo by Trent Gillespie (Denver, CO)
Anthony Phung (Melbourne, Australia) Photo by Anthony Phung (Melbourne, Australia)
Alexis Jaworski (South East England) Photo by Alexis Jaworski (South East England)
Alessandro Capuzzo (Venice, Italy) Photo by Alessandro Capuzzo (Venice, Italy)
Andrea Corsi (Florence, Italy) Photo by Andrea Corsi (Florence, Italy)
Erika Mann (Canmore, AB) Photo by Erika Mann (Canmore, AB)
Daniel Moyer (Philadelphia, PA) Photo by Daniel Moyer (Philadelphia, PA)
Fer Juaristi (Riviera Maya, Mexico) Photo by Fer Juaristi (Riviera Maya, Mexico)
Enrique Gil (Badajoz, Spain) Photo by Enrique Gil (Badajoz, Spain)
Liam Collard (Bangkok, Thailand) Photo by Liam Collard (Bangkok, Thailand)
Carlos Santanatalia (Zaragoza, Spain) Photo by Carlos Santanatalia (Zaragoza, Spain)
Jacques Mateos (Paris, France) Photo by Jacques Mateos (Paris, France)
Jeff Cooke (Halifax, NS) Photo by Jeff Cooke (Halifax, NS)
Jeff Newsom (Central Coast, CA) Photo by Jeff Newsom (Central Coast, CA)
Jos WoodSmith (Portland, OR) Photo by Jos WoodSmith (Portland, OR)
Judith Thomandl (Munich, Germany) Photo by Judith Thomandl (Munich, Germany)
Jos WoodSmith (Portland, OR) Photo by Jos WoodSmith (Portland, OR)
Julien Pontarolo (Strasbourg, France) Photo by Julien Pontarolo (Strasbourg, France)
Kai Fritze (Frankfurt, Germany) Photo by Kai Fritze (Frankfurt, Germany)
Petr Wagenknecht (Brno, Czech Republic) Photo by Petr Wagenknecht (Brno, Czech Republic)
Lisa Carpenter (West Midlands England) Photo by Lisa Carpenter (West Midlands England)
Marieke Lodder (Middelburg, Netherlands) Photo by Marieke Lodder (Middelburg, Netherlands)
Massimiliano Magliacca (Rome, Italy) Photo by Massimiliano Magliacca (Rome, Italy)
Mike Shpenyk (Florence, Italy) Photo by Mike Shpenyk (Florence, Italy)
Nat Wongsaroj (Washington DC) Photo by Nat Wongsaroj (Washington DC)
Olivia Vale (Austin, TX) Photo by Olivia Vale (Austin, TX)
Philip Stephenson (Paris, France) Photo by Philip Stephenson (Paris, France)
Robison Kunz (Porto Alegre, Brazil) Photo by Robison Kunz (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Sergey Bidun (Sacramento, CA) Photo by Sergey Bidun (Sacramento, CA)
Sabina Mladin (Arad, Romania) Photo by Sabina Mladin (Arad, Romania)
Victor Knabben (Maring√°, Brazil) Photo by Victor Knabben (Maring√°, Brazil)
Sergey Bidun (Sacramento, CA) Photo by Sergey Bidun (Sacramento, CA)
Vinci Wang (Fuzhou, China) Photo by Vinci Wang (Fuzhou, China)
Stacy Gillespie (Denver, CO) Photo by Stacy Gillespie (Denver, CO)
Tara Theilen (Lake Tahoe, CA) Photo by Tara Theilen (Lake Tahoe, CA)
Tito Rikardo (Jakarta, Indonesia) Photo by Tito Rikardo (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Ryan Brenizer (New York, NY) Photo by Ryan Brenizer (New York, NY)
Sergio Lopez (Tucson, AZ) Photo by Sergio Lopez (Tucson, AZ)
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