34 Fearless Awards That Are Not All About Gimmicks

Amazing wedding photography can be simple captures of moments.
Sam Docker (London, UK) Photo by Sam Docker (London, UK)
Chomi Delgado (Burgos, Spain) Photo by Chomi Delgado (Burgos, Spain)
Jacki Bruniquel (Durban, South Africa) Photo by Jacki Bruniquel (Durban, South Africa)
Jesse La Plante (Denver, CO) Photo by Jesse La Plante (Denver, CO)
Ashvin Ghisyawan (Utrecht, Netherlands) Photo by Ashvin Ghisyawan (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Lili Del Angel (Merida, Mexico) Photo by Lili Del Angel (Merida, Mexico)
Genevieve Nisly (Cleveland, OH) Photo by Genevieve Nisly (Cleveland, OH)
Benaissa El Yamani (Groningen, Netherlands) Photo by Benaissa El Yamani (Groningen, Netherlands)
Cafa Liu (Toronto, ON) Photo by Cafa Liu (Toronto, ON)
Albert Pamies (Malaga, Spain) Photo by Albert Pamies (Malaga, Spain)
Daniel Dumbrava (Bucharest, Romania) Photo by Daniel Dumbrava (Bucharest, Romania)
Denise Motz (Breda, Netherlands) Photo by Denise Motz (Breda, Netherlands)
Alexis Jaworski (South East England) Photo by Alexis Jaworski (South East England)
Philippe Swiggers (Brussels, Belgium) Photo by Philippe Swiggers (Brussels, Belgium)
David Hofman (Brasilia, Brazil) Photo by David Hofman (Brasilia, Brazil)
Keith Claytor (Hartford, CT) Photo by Keith Claytor (Hartford, CT)
Lanny Mann (Canmore, AB) Photo by Lanny Mann (Canmore, AB)
Marieke Zwartscholten (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Photo by Marieke Zwartscholten (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Mazur Serhiy (Vienna, Austria) Photo by Mazur Serhiy (Vienna, Austria)
Orçun Yalçın (Ankara, Turkey) Photo by Orçun Yalçın (Ankara, Turkey)
Matt Theilen (Lake Tahoe, CA) Photo by Matt Theilen (Lake Tahoe, CA)
Ruan Redelinghuys (George, South Africa) Photo by Ruan Redelinghuys (George, South Africa)
Sabina Mladin (Arad, Romania) Photo by Sabina Mladin (Arad, Romania)
Matthew Sowa (New York, NY) Photo by Matthew Sowa (New York, NY)
Sara Kirkham (North West England) Photo by Sara Kirkham (North West England)
Ning Yan (Fuzhou, China) Photo by Ning Yan (Fuzhou, China)
Peter van der Lingen (Zwolle, Netherlands) Photo by Peter van der Lingen (Zwolle, Netherlands)
Sergey Lapkovsky (New York, NY) Photo by Sergey Lapkovsky (New York, NY)
Thomas Verhoeven (Ghent, Belgium) Photo by Thomas Verhoeven (Ghent, Belgium)
Víctor Lax (Barcelona, Spain) Photo by Víctor Lax (Barcelona, Spain)
Xiang Qi (Fuzhou, China) Photo by Xiang Qi (Fuzhou, China)
Will Pursell (Vancouver, BC) Photo by Will Pursell (Vancouver, BC)
Prasheila Lookhar (New Delhi, India) Photo by Prasheila Lookhar (New Delhi, India)
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