Fearless Awards

There are 6 Collections of Fearless Awards in 2018:

Collection 41

Collection 42
Entry form is closed.

Collection 43
Entry form opens after April 1

Collection 44
Deadline for entries: June 2018

Collection 45
Deadline for entries: August 2018

Collection 46
Deadline for entries: October 2018

Collection 47
Deadline for entries: December 2018


Fearless members, we are excited to receive your best work to compile another fabulous Collection of wedding images for the world to see!

Fearless Awards are awarded to photographs that our curators deem exceptional or remarkable. A limited number of Fearless Awards will be selected. If your image is selected as a Fearless Award, it will be added to the Awards gallery and promoted on social media, and it will appear on your Fearless profile.

They are tasked with selecting notable images that are exceptional in their originality of concept and/or technical or artistic execution. In short, to the best of their abilities, the curators will select images that show your best work to the public.

Here’s the curating process:

– As your Administrator, I will gather all images (usually about 10,000) from the entry forms, reorganize them in random order, and present them to the curators.

– At their own place and time, each curator will review all 10,000 images and select images that they deem worthy of receiving Fearless Awards. These selected images are called “Finalists.”

– Each curator will then independently rate all “Finalist” photos and give each image 2, 1, or 0 points.  Photos that receive a total of 4, 5, or 6 points will be confirmed as Fearless Awards if they meet the image requirements.

Images must be sized correctly. The 3 correct sizes are 900 x 600 or  600 x 900 or 900 x 900. There is a 1 pixel margin of error so for example, the image can be 899 x 600. Smaller images will appear pixelated on the website. Larger images cause file management issues. The display space of the website requires the correct ratios.

An image will automatically be disqualified by the Admin for these reasons:
– it contains added content (such as like balloons, rainbows, birds, stars, clouds, etc.)
– it is a multiple exposure made in-camera or a digital composite of 2 or more photos
– it contains logos, text, or borders
– it is made from a workshop where the author was a student or a teacher or staff
– it is from a modeling session for a third party, commercial session, or editorial session
– it is of stranger(s) that you encounter who were not your clients or part of events that you were not authorized to photograph
– it is a posed “boudoir” portrait image as defined by WPPI: “Portraits that celebrate the beauty of the human (male and female) form… usually including nudes, semi-nudes, subjects in lingerie.”
– it shows sexual intercourse or genitals
– it shows illegal drug use

An image may or may not be disqualified for other reasons: 

For images with violence, degrading actions, gunplay, weapons, and juvenile or bathroom humor, our curators will evaluate the images on a case by case basis; the curators make the final decision whether the image is Awarded.

Curators also have discretion in the selection of images with male and/or female nudity. As Admin, I am not involved in the choices made by the curators.

The curatorial process has been developed to ensure that the rules are applied fairly. We also believe having a new group of curators for each round of awards helps bring different perspectives to the selection process.

Also, Fearless Awards that violate Facebook’s Community standards at https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards/#nudity or Instagram’s Community Guidelines at https://help.instagram.com/477434105621119 will not be promoted on social media. We are very careful to observe rules of each platform in order to maintain our strong presence for promoting your work.

These are the instructions on the form, but I will put them here so you can see them all in one place:

– Each photographer is allowed 7 free entries and up to 10 additional entries at $5 per entry. Maximum of 17 images per photographer.

– Please name your images with a unique name made up of 2 distinctive words. They must be connected with no spaces between them. Example: speedyhorse-01.jpg, speedyhorse-02.jpg, …speedyhorse-10.jpg, OR runningchicken, talktome, catsybatsy…. Choose unique words. DO NOT use your real names. DO NOT USE these words: “image, photo, fearless, winner, round, wedding, collection, boda”

– Images must be 900×600 pixels (horizontal photo) OR 600×900 (vertical photo) or 900×900 (square photo). The margin of error is 1 pixel so for example, a 899 x 600 image is okay. No other sizes are allowed.

– Put all your images together in one zip or RAR folder

– YES: images can be from the wedding day and events associated with the wedding, photo sessions the day after the wedding, bridal photo sessions, and pre-wedding engagement photo sessions. Vow renewals are allowed.

– YES: you can clone out small things totaling less than 5% of the image area from your images.

– YES: images can be from any year. Images entered previously may be entered again if they are not already Fearless Awards.

Once the Fearless Awards in the Collection are finalized, the Collection is presented to the community. Please check back for the exact date.

Let’s see your images!

If you have any questions, please email fearlessphotographers@gmail.com