Father's Day

The wedding is an occasion when all parents are likely to get a bit misty or linger a bit longer with their all-grown-up child. These are magical moments that reveal the depth of emotion and excitement of these special relationships.

With this special gallery, let's celebrate all our dads on this Father's Day!
Addison Cumberbatch (Barbados) Photo by Addison Cumberbatch (Barbados)
Aaron Storry (East Midlands England) Photo by Aaron Storry (East Midlands England)
Alex Beckett (London, UK) Photo by Alex Beckett (London, UK)
Alexander Ziegler (Berlin, Germany) Photo by Alexander Ziegler (Berlin, Germany)
Amy Mellow (Mystic, CT) Photo by Amy Mellow (Mystic, CT)
Andrea Corsi (Florence, Italy) Photo by Andrea Corsi (Florence, Italy)
Angela Willingham (Philadelphia, PA) Photo by Angela Willingham (Philadelphia, PA)
Annuj Yoganathan (Toronto, ON) Photo by Annuj Yoganathan (Toronto, ON)
Anupa Shah (Mumbai, India) Photo by Anupa Shah (Mumbai, India)
Ashley Davenport (East Midlands England) Photo by Ashley Davenport (East Midlands England)
Diego Moura (Toronto, ON) Photo by Diego Moura (Toronto, ON)
Felix Irawan (Melbourne, Australia) Photo by Felix Irawan (Melbourne, Australia)
Kathryn Wallace Yeaton (Providence, RI) Photo by Kathryn Wallace Yeaton (Providence, RI)
Julien Maria (Nancy, France) Photo by Julien Maria (Nancy, France)
Miguel Onieva (Madrid, Spain) Photo by Miguel Onieva (Madrid, Spain)
Raul Radiga (Valladolid, Spain) Photo by Raul Radiga (Valladolid, Spain)
Roberto Montorio (Zaragoza, Spain) Photo by Roberto Montorio (Zaragoza, Spain)
Romulo Ueda (Madison, WI) Photo by Romulo Ueda (Madison, WI)
Simona Cancelli (Sicily, Italy) Photo by Simona Cancelli (Sicily, Italy)
Wim Wilmers (Nijmegen, Netherlands) Photo by Wim Wilmers (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Danna Van Daal ('s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands) Photo by Danna Van Daal ('s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)
Gabriel Scharis (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Photo by Gabriel Scharis (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Coralie Castillo (Lyon, France) Photo by Coralie Castillo (Lyon, France)
Jill Streefland (The Hague, Netherlands) Photo by Jill Streefland (The Hague, Netherlands)
Marc Bergreen (Denver, CO) Photo by Marc Bergreen (Denver, CO)
Nadine Lotze (Munster, Germany) Photo by Nadine Lotze (Munster, Germany)
Melissa Sigler (Kansas City, MO) Photo by Melissa Sigler (Kansas City, MO)
Olivier Bolte (Montpellier, France) Photo by Olivier Bolte (Montpellier, France)
Vinci Wang (Fuzhou, China) Photo by Vinci Wang (Fuzhou, China)
Kristen Wynn (Pittsburgh, PA) Photo by Kristen Wynn (Pittsburgh, PA)
Daniel West (Johannesburg, South Africa) Photo by Daniel West (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Deborah Coleman (San Francisco, CA) Photo by Deborah Coleman (San Francisco, CA)
Geeshan Bandara (Sri Lanka) Photo by Geeshan Bandara (Sri Lanka)
Hélio Ferreira (Porto, Portugal) Photo by Hélio Ferreira (Porto, Portugal)
Jyotirmoy Dutta (Mumbai, India) Photo by Jyotirmoy Dutta (Mumbai, India)
Katie Kaizer (Cape Cod, MA) Photo by Katie Kaizer (Cape Cod, MA)
Livia Figueiredo (Dublin, Ireland) Photo by Livia Figueiredo (Dublin, Ireland)
Mike Dumonceau (Riviera Maya, Mexico) Photo by Mike Dumonceau (Riviera Maya, Mexico)
Patrycja Janik (Dusseldorf, Germany) Photo by Patrycja Janik (Dusseldorf, Germany)
Steve Grogan (North West England) Photo by Steve Grogan (North West England)
Brenda Bergreen (Denver, CO) Photo by Brenda Bergreen (Denver, CO)
Cafa Liu (Toronto, ON) Photo by Cafa Liu (Toronto, ON)
Caroline Robert (Denver, CO) Photo by Caroline Robert (Denver, CO)
Chomi Delgado (Burgos, Spain) Photo by Chomi Delgado (Burgos, Spain)
Fabio Mirulla (Florence, Italy) Photo by Fabio Mirulla (Florence, Italy)
Janet Howard (Atlanta, GA) Photo by Janet Howard (Atlanta, GA)
Logan Westom (Seattle, WA) Photo by Logan Westom (Seattle, WA)
Olivier Fréchard (Strasbourg, France) Photo by Olivier Fréchard (Strasbourg, France)
Pete Martin (Washington DC) Photo by Pete Martin (Washington DC)
Ufuk Sarisen (Istanbul, Turkey) Photo by Ufuk Sarisen (Istanbul, Turkey)
Ben Kelmer (Tel Aviv, Israel) Photo by Ben Kelmer (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Chelsea Higgins (Cedar Falls, IA) Photo by Chelsea Higgins (Cedar Falls, IA)
Ekta Rekhi (Mumbai, India) Photo by Ekta Rekhi (Mumbai, India)
Fabio Marciano (Venice, Italy) Photo by Fabio Marciano (Venice, Italy)
Jesus Ochoa (Caracas, Venezuela) Photo by Jesus Ochoa (Caracas, Venezuela)
Jordi Tudela (Barcelona, Spain) Photo by Jordi Tudela (Barcelona, Spain)
Khoi Le (Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam) Photo by Khoi Le (Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam)
Matthias Tiemann (Dusseldorf, Germany) Photo by Matthias Tiemann (Dusseldorf, Germany)
Nadine Court (Grenoble, France) Photo by Nadine Court (Grenoble, France)
Vinicius Terror (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) Photo by Vinicius Terror (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
Ditta van Gent (Amersfoort, Netherlands) Photo by Ditta van Gent (Amersfoort, Netherlands)
Eduardo Blanco (Murcia, Spain) Photo by Eduardo Blanco (Murcia, Spain)
James Nix (Charlotte, NC) Photo by James Nix (Charlotte, NC)
Kendra Coupland (Vancouver, BC) Photo by Kendra Coupland (Vancouver, BC)
Jos WoodSmith (Portland, OR) Photo by Jos WoodSmith (Portland, OR)
Linda Vos (Cape Town, South Africa) Photo by Linda Vos (Cape Town, South Africa)
Loren Noyes (Detroit, MI) Photo by Loren Noyes (Detroit, MI)
Raymond Nguyen (Sacramento, CA) Photo by Raymond Nguyen (Sacramento, CA)
Tamara Sanchez Perez (Valencia, Spain) Photo by Tamara Sanchez Perez (Valencia, Spain)
Victor Dyomin (Vienna, Austria) Photo by Victor Dyomin (Vienna, Austria)
Curtis Moore (Winnipeg, MB) Photo by Curtis Moore (Winnipeg, MB)
Ditte Solgaard (Scotland) Photo by Ditte Solgaard (Scotland)
Francesco Galdieri (Rome, Italy) Photo by Francesco Galdieri (Rome, Italy)
Marco Klompenmaker (Zwolle, Netherlands) Photo by Marco Klompenmaker (Zwolle, Netherlands)
Matteo Carta (Sardinia, Italy) Photo by Matteo Carta (Sardinia, Italy)
Nicolas Barriol (Lyon, France) Photo by Nicolas Barriol (Lyon, France)
Pedro Álvarez (North East England) Photo by Pedro Álvarez (North East England)
Penny McCoy (Minneapolis, MN) Photo by Penny McCoy (Minneapolis, MN)
Ruan Redelinghuys (George, South Africa) Photo by Ruan Redelinghuys (George, South Africa)
Vartan Seraydarian (Beirut, Lebanon) Photo by Vartan Seraydarian (Beirut, Lebanon)
Chad Winstead (Greenville, NC) Photo by Chad Winstead (Greenville, NC)
Christiaan de Groot (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Photo by Christiaan de Groot (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Florent Cattelain (Toulouse, France) Photo by Florent Cattelain (Toulouse, France)
Manel Tamayo (Barcelona, Spain) Photo by Manel Tamayo (Barcelona, Spain)
Florent Vidal (Sydney, Australia) Photo by Florent Vidal (Sydney, Australia)
Maria Zambrini (Mendoza, Argentina) Photo by Maria Zambrini (Mendoza, Argentina)
Tyler Vu (San Jose, CA) Photo by Tyler Vu (San Jose, CA)
Víctor Lax (Barcelona, Spain) Photo by Víctor Lax (Barcelona, Spain)
Victoria Sprung (Chicago, IL) Photo by Victoria Sprung (Chicago, IL)
Virginia Olalla (San Sebastian, Spain) Photo by Virginia Olalla (San Sebastian, Spain)
Emil Boczek (West Midlands England) Photo by Emil Boczek (West Midlands England)
Erika Biarnés (Barcelona, Spain) Photo by Erika Biarnés (Barcelona, Spain)
Lauren Lindley (Lake Tahoe, CA) Photo by Lauren Lindley (Lake Tahoe, CA)
Linda Bouritius (Amersfoort, Netherlands) Photo by Linda Bouritius (Amersfoort, Netherlands)
Sofiane Bensizerara (Toulouse, France) Photo by Sofiane Bensizerara (Toulouse, France)
Sylvain Bouzat (Lyon, France) Photo by Sylvain Bouzat (Lyon, France)
Jennifer Cortiella (Miami, FL) Photo by Jennifer Cortiella (Miami, FL)
Victor R. Urosa (Caracas, Venezuela) Photo by Victor R. Urosa (Caracas, Venezuela)
Happy Father's Day from Fearless Photographers!

We love moms too!
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