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Based In: Southern Netherlands
Phone: +31627447775
Pricing: $$
Awards Last 3 Years: 3
Lifetime Awards: 3
Ruud Claessen
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About Ruud Claessen:
Click. A five letter word used to describe the sound a camera makes when taking a picture. But also: a word to describe the chemistry that occurs when people have an instant connection. 
Whatever definition you use, both are of great importance. A click between two people can become love, a click from my camera can become a memory that lasts forever. 
It is my passion to capture the emotions, expressions, intimacy and chemistry during a bridal session. And very importantly: have a good time doing so. 
My style is best described as journalistic, with a dash of romance. My photographs have a soft feel, but yet with vibrant colors and contrast. See for yourself!
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