Think about this scene from eye-level; it would just be rear views from outside the circle of the gathered men. Unwilling to settle for that disconnected view, the photographer got down low and moved into the middle of the action—shooting straight up toward the ceiling for an unexpected and intriguing look at the guys wrapping up their pre-wedding preparations.
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Based In: Romania
Phone: +40729053852
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Awards Last 3 Years: 9
Lifetime Awards: 27
Marius Barbulescu
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About Marius Barbulescu:
It's almost impossible for me to describe my photography... I love God, my family and friends, music and books and all that is who I am. I'm always trying to keep things simple because I believe that less is more in everything that counts.  
My photography is who I am and if it gets better with time, then I'm becoming a better person... and vice versa. I am just a happy man in love with life.
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