In this decidedly unusual composition, the backlit bride and groom (out of focus in the foreground) are positioned at the edges of the frame and turned in. Their faces serve as a frame for the lone dapper gentleman, seated in the grove on a far-off chair. The precise meaning to the couple is unclear, but the appeal and intrigue of the image is obvious.
Based In: Antwerp, Belgium
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Joshua D'hondt
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About Joshua D'hondt:
Your wedding, captured for the future, I shoot true moments, real memories! 
Smiles, tears, butterflies, a touch, a hug, a kiss. Grandma and the candy in her purse. A warning finger to kids just being kids, the inevitable smile that comes right after. 
Your day, your moments. 
I want to capture all the joy that you, your friends, and your family experience in a calm and non-invasive way, with a strong focus on emotions, moments and children. 
While I still shoot key moments, some details and decor of "a" wedding day, I want to put into images the specific ways in which your wedding couldn't be anyone else's. It is my goal to provide you with memories of what your wedding day felt like. 
Coverage is possible from 5 to 8 hours. Mail or call me to talk about your wedding!
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