Heart-shaped hands frame the couple on all sides—the perfect complement to the bride's full-body laugh. Showing all the elements in silhouette perfectly distilled the image down to its most graphic form.
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Fabio Mirulla
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Let me tell you about me through what I love to do. I've been doing this job since 2005, trying to let my guide be experimentation and the desire of creating every time something peculiar and unique. 
Having a passion for photography and letting it become the job of my dreams has been a long journey, never interrupted, even during the University in Siena, where I studied archaeology, and where applying particular shooting techniques to the archaeological field gave me a lot of satisfaction, such as the publication of a book on digital archaeological photography. 
In wedding photo reportage I found an ideal place to express my way of seeing things, above all to comprehend the importance and the deep difference between stopping a moment and stopping an emotion, a memory. 
The photos have to be something that remain unchanged in time and that let one feel every time the emotions and sensations so that a moment can live again just by looking at a picture. That's why I'm always looking for new techniques and new methods, to let an important day such your wedding day last forever.
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