When it's time to cheer the couple's exit, the crowd traditionally showers them with rice, but this couple was ready to return the favor with their squirt guns! Poised at the opening of the church, the photographer waited for an ideal wide view that encapsulated all the flying, squirting, action—plus a whole lot of laughter as the couple clutched together for the "battle."
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Alessandro Iasevoli
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Hi, I am Alessandro. I do social and documentary photography and Wedding is my core. Why? simply because it is one of the most important day of our lives, of your life where emotions, smiles, anticipation, hugs, tears, joy, heartbeats are all gathering there in one place and one day... to remember ourselves we are born to LOVE! and I will be there too.. to catch all your moments and emotions and give it back to you through my camera and my vision.
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