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Based In: Romania
Phone: +40 744 52 33 11
Pricing: $$
Awards Last 3 Years: 2
Lifetime Awards: 2
Cristian Sabau
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About Cristian Sabau:
My images speak for me, with clarity and sincerity. But to trust the man, you have to know the man, and this is part of of who I am. I love my family, good stories and ride my bike. 
I'm a thief... I steal from TIME and give back to you!  
I'm specialized in wedding photography (photojournalism), family portraits, food, stock photography and I have a mantra of people-life-memories I follow constantly.  
Because you don't pay for a photography package, you invest in a world of memories.  
I love children, originality and love working with people. I love spontaneity and challenges and crazy ideas. Partly, because I find myself in those words.  
Do you find yourself wanting to trust me with your story?
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