Collection 35 Honorable Mentions

"I love strong moments. A moment is the most difficult thing to capture in a photograph, and a great moment can overlook sloppy composition or poor lighting. I am drawn to some of the quiet moments and unique angles represented in this collection. The photograph underneath the beard stands out as a way of seeing a standard task (tying a tie) with a very precise vision. I’ve never seen a shot just like this before, and I applaud the photographer for taking the time to try something new. 
The small child holding the stuffed animal in church is a great shot that shows thoughtful approach by the photographer to contrast the child with the adults and proper surroundings. Lovely shot, quiet moment, very well done." 
- Collection 35 Curator Candice Cusic (USA)

All images in this gallery were selected by Candice Cusic

Top “Collection 35 Honorable Mentions” Photographers

US & Canada
Erika Mann 7
Heidi Harf 3
Darren Kirwan 7
Floortje Visser 2
Vali Matei 3
Anna Bilous 3
United Kingdom
Joe Dodsworth 4