Collection 35 Honorable Mentions

"I am looking for photographs that are not only connected with weddings but are great images that can exist in a book, a newspaper or in a gallery. I appreciate it that people are fearless enough to experiment and catch different perspective.  
It doesn’t matter if a photo is different from my style, I’m looking for complexity, a mystery, breathtaking and unexpected or quiet moments that disappear in the blink of an eye, amazing humour, an anecdote, cinematic look, beauty of life, a story and a great, multi-layer composition.  
I look for photos that trigger emotions, tell a story, are thought provoking and provide us with more questions than answers." 
- Collection 35 curator Dorota Kaszuba (Poland).

All images in this gallery were selected by Dorota Kaszuba

Top “Collection 35 Honorable Mentions” Photographers

US & Canada
Kelly Rashka 5
South Carolina
Erin Chrisman 7