Awarded by Christina Craft: 3 + Jon Mold: 2 + Vinci Wang: 0 = 5 points 
This photographer saw an opportunity in a beveled reflection. They didn't just take a standard picture of a bride and groom kissing... that would be too easy. Instead, they used the bride's hands and bracelets (an important symbol for the wedding day), wrapped around the groom's shoulders. It tells a story of connection, symbolism and it's just plain interesting to look at. I have never seen another photo like this and it would never occur to me to set something like this up. The side light adds an extra mysterious element since it means only part of the groom's face is illuminated. I also like the negative space created. What a brilliant execution of composition, story, and art. If it was me in that photo I'd proudly hang it on the wall as an art piece. 
- Christina Craft
Hendra Lesmana

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