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Marienna Garcia-Gallo
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About Marienna Garcia-Gallo:
I come from documentary and conceptual photography, so my photos have a twist and look that makes my job more special... 
I like to say that I'm more than a wedding photographer. I'm an artist and I put all my passion in each project as if it were the only one. 
I like to do things like this: meet the clients, to know each other, to ask options, possibilities and know how far they want to go. My premise is: 
Each couple is different... so each of my photos are different, they reflect the essence of each couple. 
I work anywhere on the planet, I love to travel and I love to be witnesses of love. I've done weddings in Miami, Caracas, Panama, Dominican Republic, Dubai, Aruba and New York... a year ago I moved to Madrid, and I've done weddings in Mallorca, Malaga, Pamplona, Barcelona and of course in Madrid:anywhere.
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