Vanity Fair is particularly well known for its elaborate group portraits that are constructed from many smaller vignettes. This image adapts that concept to a wedding setting by centering on the solo bride, framed prominently in a doorway. In multiple tiers all around her, various combinations of the women in her life are chatting and even grabbing selfies. It's a terrific job of posing and lighting that makes everyone look relaxed and natural.
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Based In: Islas Baleares
Pricing: > €3000
Awards Last 3 Years: 23
Víctor Lax
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About Víctor Lax:
Hello!! My name is Victor Lax, I am a destination wedding photographer from Spain. I love telling stories through my photographs, unreapetable moments that happen in front of us, in each moment of our lives. I love music, visual arts and spending time with friends. 
It would be an honour to share this day by your side!
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