Complex Images

There’s something appealing about simplicity—but simplicity is not always the name of the game when it comes to wedding photography. Weddings can be big, sprawling affairs with convoluted stories that seem to come at you from every angle. As the Fearless Photographers in this gallery show, that can lead to wonderful images that are anything but simple! It takes a skilled eye and great reflexed to capture all the chaos in a way that captures all the energy while still telling a great story. 
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Complex scenes present definite challenges when it comes to keeping the emphasis on your subject—and it doesn't get much more complex than a crowded subway car! The photographer made it work here by getting up high and shooting down at the couple's faces. The converging lines of the roof and center pole also help guide our eyes in toward their smiling faces. The fairly substantial depth of field is an added perk, letting us enjoy the onlookers expressions and appreciate how much they seem to be enjoying the moment, too.

Top “Complex Images” Photographers

US & Canada
Lanny Mann 4
Steve Koo 7
New Mexico
William Bledsoe 3
North Carolina
Hooman Bahrani 10
Cafa Liu 64
Lindsay Docherty 9
South Carolina
Erin Chrisman 16
Ben Godkin 4
Jenny Wohrle 8
Washington, DC
Mantas Kubilinskas 2
Daniel Kudish 14
Adrian Stehlik 17
Mary McHenry 2
Costa Rica
Christina Craft 8
Samo Rovan 6
South Africa
Jacki Bruniquel 7
Jesus Ochoa 36