Pets are part of the family, so including them in the wedding photos is a great idea - especially when it's arranged creatively like this image. From the groom and dog at the top, our eyes follow the second dog down the stairs to the bride. This unique and engaging image captures the whole family in a surprising way.
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Based In: Argentina
Awards Last 3 Years: 5
Adrian Stehlik
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About Adrian Stehlik:
Thank you for stopping and devoting a little of your time to seeing my work. I choose to photograph weddings because therein I find ingredients that nourish my soul and my love for photography. Love, feeling, joy, tenderness, passion are the emotions that surround a wedding... and I want to be there for every moment. At every wedding, my wish is to find friends, not customers, and this is why I seek to be the person who documented every moment of that great day.  
I seek uninhibited couples who want to break the rules and traditions that make a wedding. Which is why my work is completely custom, and my couples will deal with me from the interview through the album. For me, every wedding is a commitment and personal challenge of innovating in each one of them.
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