Engagement Sessions

A great engagement session sets the stage for great wedding photography. Absent the time and scheduling constraints of the wedding day, it’s a time for the couple and photographer to experiment and get to know each other—and often visit meaningful locations that won’t be accessible for wedding-day images. The result is truly amazing, refined, and exciting images that capture the energy and joy of a couple in love. 
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When you choose a national landmark for a background, it only makes sense to bring that same proud spirit to the rest of the image. Posed on the lip of the Grand Canyon, the couple's embrace is beautifully backlit. The same light through the flag caused it to glow. Shooting right into the sun also added flare that softened the gritty scene for a more romantic look.

Top “Engagement Sessions” Photographers

US & Canada
Sergio Lopez 11
Jason Vinson 14
Tori Pintar 8
Nova Scotia
Jeff Cooke 20
Tara Kneiser 8
Eugene Michel 17
French Polynesia
Virginie Wiss 36
Benjie Tiongco 11
Aidan Dockery 33