Fearless Photographers have an uncanny knack for finding all the perfect little details without ever losing sight of the big picture and all the action going on at the periphery. The couple's expressions during this wild dip would have, on their own, made this image pretty sweet. Including the line of crooning ladies in the background takes it to another level. 
Based In: Sao Paulo
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Maira Erlich
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About Maira Erlich:
I'm a documentary photographer and photography educator currently based in Brazil. 
I got hooked on photography at 19. It was devastating. Since then, I wake up, eat, breath and sleep photography. It's impossible to pull that apart from who I am. It's my hobby, my passion and, by the way, also my job. 
Photography has been changing the way I relate with the world and its people. It has turned me into a better human being. 
I believe in the power of photography. When it's done with honesty and purpose, it can change people's lives. 
Traveling is another passion of mine and I'm available to shoot anywhere. The world is my home.
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