Bold colors and complex shapes give this image instant visual impact. While the space could have been overwhelming, the photographer used the lines extremely effectively to draw our gaze to the silhouetted couple in the background. Each is perfectly framed in one panel, but they are connected through the pose.
Based In: Frankfurt, Germany
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Kai Fritze
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About Kai Fritze:
I'm lucky you found me in the depths of this vast electronic jungle! I'm Kai and I'm a wedding photographer located in Frankfurt. 
I chose wedding photography over any other photographic field because it offers such a nice mixture of being a photojournalist and an artist at the same time. I have always loved being creative and working in an artistic job. At the same time I wanted my occupation to be authentic and honest. Keeping in mind that the pictures I create will be treasured for an entire lifetime, by contrast to most other pictures from other photographic fields, makes me proud and is giving my life a great meaning.  
I mainly shoot weddings in Germany, but I also frequently travel all over Europe and sometimes also the USA for weddings from my international customers. I'm looking forward to meet you!
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